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11x06x13 - All Over The Radio! 

Aloha James Deans & Dame’s Jeans! 

Whoa-hoa! Did you hear us on the radio yesterday!?  Massive shout-out to The Rodent Hour for blasting our new track Lucky #8 on their show last night! Somewhere down the line, we’re shooting to get on the show and play live or premier a new track from our record.  Additional props to sponsor Ellestock for sponsoring the show! 
Speaking of which – MASTERING IS DONE and this mutha sounds HUMONGOUS!  Like the mighty t-rex.  Riding a diplodocus.  Holding the reins with his useless arms.  Journey to the center of the hearth!
And remember, we’re playing LIVE @ Arlene’s (one of the best clubs in NYC!) THIS FRIDAY:
Zr. King LIVE @ Arlene's Grocery
FRIDAY 8 NOV 2013 - 10:30PM
95 Stanton St [btwn. Ludlow & Orchard], NYC
F train to 2nd Avenue
$10 bones, 21+
Click here for all the details!
The only acceptable excuses are: 1. you're in jail 2. you're dead.

And if you're in jail, BREAK OUT!


Ticket price is for the full seat, but you’ll only need THE EDGE.
Love, rock, paper, scissors, Spock, lizard,
Zr. King

10x25x13 - TGIFF and all That 

We're happy it's Friday, as we have another weekend of rock'n'roll madness to look forward to, as well as a TWO WEEK countdown to our live rock explosion insane show at Arlene's Grocery.  It's only 10 bones to get in, so bring a cheap date, and rock all night with us!

Zr. King kicking the Lower East Side's ass on 11/8!

<3 and IRWT

10x19x13 - The Machine is ROARING! 

So, geez - what an exciting month October has been for ZrK!  Griffin had a birthday, officially turned seventeen.  Nice.  The album has been mixed, start to finish, back to the front, and awaits mastering by the famed West West Side Music - who have done records by our heroes, numerous in name, such as Mastodon, Ben Folds, The Misfits, Adam West, Stuck Mojo, Motörhead, Monster Magnet, and GWAR.  Our session is scheduled for HALLOW'S WEEN.  How's that for an omen?

Furthermore, we've confirmed a live show on 11.8.13 at Arlene's Grocery, via our gracious, spacious and bodacious pal Lauren Stockner (what could be better?!) - so COME ON OUT, because it's probably the only NYC show we'll play this year!

Lastly, our label - Blastcap Records - is finally getting off the ground.  And the future is incredible.  Don't you forget it.

We couldn't be happier with our album.  In fact, we're quite sure Jerry Ramos, owner/operator/vindicator/rockinnovator of Mercury Recording Studio is the best damn engineer in the world.

So get ready.  Lock up your daughters.  Shoot your sons.  Pour generous portions of whiskey, because we're coming to kick in your doors and smash your fine china. Zr. King is taking flight, and we'll settle for nothing less than something more.

With love, and IRWT,

10x4x13 - Mixing Sessions Complete! 

It's official: our debut record has been fully mixed!  11 searing tracks of rock'n'roll goodness, guaranteed to put a swagger in your step.

We're making plans for mastering now, but we promise it'll be worth the wait.  

Hang in there - the gov't might be shut down, but this rock machine never stops.


8x24x13 – A Special Appearance 

Hola frijoles and frijolas!

We've just confirmed a very special appearance at Six Flags Great Adventure to celebrate Labor Day!  Our album is in the final mixing stages, we've been in the studio pretty much non-stop and have taken a very Punxsutawney Phil approach to live shows - we're not stepping out much, but this was a chance we couldn't pass up.  If you're around this Labor Day, what better than rock'n'roll and rollercoasters?!

We'll probably throw out a few fun covers too!  Contact us direct for special ticket prices.

Keep yer eyes on the video channels...we'll have some promo materials soon.


7x29x13 – We Made a Plan & Started a Fire 

 Hot dog, we’ve been so fricken busy, it’s been over a month since our last update! The record is blazing along like a glorious bonfire – we’ll have some samples to share very soon!

Next weekend will mark one of the last tracking sessions to finish up some vocals (that we just wrote!) for our last two songs: City of Industry and Fox Island Archipelago.

You know what’s going to happen when you put this CD in your car stereo? Your car is going to explode! Not really, because that would suck, and you’d die, but you’ll feel that way, and all the people on the strip at the beach will be all like,

“Hey! Check out that dude/lady in that car! It’s fixin’ to explode! The music sounds so epic!”

And who doesn’t want that to be what they do in the last month of this tremendless summer?

We’ll start over again, by the light of this pyre.
Bring peace to our world by tearing it down.

Lock and load, GI Jose.

6x24x13 - Sessions In Progress 

Well, we've done it. We've laid the framework for what will be our debut record! Jerry Ramos at Mercury Recording Studio was able to capture all our explosiveness and panache in the live setting. No click tracks, no prisoners taken, no challenges denied. This mutha is gonna sound HUGE!

D-Pain, bringin the pain.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and potential release dates – we’ll be finishing up the record over the next few weeks and getting into mixing and mastering, after an aptly deserved holiday to celebrate our nation’s independence, as well as all the independent 24 HR ROCKSMITHS out there keeping it fricken real.

Keep your eyes on the horizon – our armada is sailing your way, and we will accept nothing less than something more.

6x06x13 - The Rocktometrist will see you now 

Our new stickers came in today – 200 large fresh off the presses. Thunderous Monsterpieces are in the works.

Zr. King - Rocktometrist At Large

T-Minus FIFTEEN days until our fortnight of recording at Mercury Studios, in Rutherford NJ.

When we come out on the other side, oh what a party we’ll have. Get ready, friends.

Your local 24 Hour Rocksmith,

6x01x13 – Support your local Zr. King! 

Salutations, comrades and desperadoes!

The starship grouperfish that is Zr. King is firing on all cylinders here, we’re cranking out rock’n’roll at a pace that’d make Henry Ford blush. T-Shirts are in – order yours today! We’ve got people already rockin’ em in Washington State, Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago, and of course for the baddest mofos low down around this town: East Village NYC!

Claudia did a custom custom for hers – want one like it? Hit us up and we’ll arrange it!

Custom Custom Kick Ass Shirt

A new sticker design is on the way – 4x4s of the Rocktometrist. Get yer vision checked and your eardrums wrecked. We got demos streaming below and on our media page. We shot a live video last week and are working through editing it. Keep your eyes out!

Our launch show is almost secured, we’re looking at early August. Keep you posted!

And we’ll leave you with a quote:

“Some people might be like, ‘Killed By Death’ – that’s stupid. I’m like: No, you’re stupid.” Scott Ian from Anthrax, on Motörhead.

Yours in controlled madness,

5x22x13 - Shirts have ARRIVED! 

Frick yeah Gary and Joel, our t-shirts are officially here!

Each and every purchase will help support our first record and our efforts to get the ZrK machine firing on all cylinders.  This is truly a limited edition… we only ordered a hundred because we’re broke musicians.

Shirts are just $10 bones if you’re local and buy one from one of us… hell, reach out and we’ll probably hand deliver it to you, and maybe surprise you with some stickers, guitar picks, or a story of hubris and bravado.

If you need one shipped to ya – no problemo.  It’s just a few bucks more for the shipping, and it all supports the cause, so THANK YOU.

Head on over to the merch section to pick up yours today and we’ll gladly get it in the mail to ya!

The ‘rents are away – we’re UNSUPERVISED!!!

And loving every minute of it.


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