03x22x14 - Hot Lixxx: Guitar Picks!

Howdy cool dudes and hot ladies,

We're proud to report that our own maestro of sonic destruction is officially endorsed by Clayton USA!

We'll be swimming in custom guitar picks and - who knows - maybe drum sticks too…

03x22x14 - Launch Party!

Aloha ladies & dudes,

Don't forget SAT 3/22 is our launch party at Arlene's Grocery!


It's gon' be an epic set of rock'n'roll you can hang your hat on.



03x03x14 - Rock'n'roll: ALIVE & WELL!

Hey Mr. Dynamite & Mother Popcorn,

Please, please, please know we've been busy down here at ZrK central getting the gears turning, and we are proud to report this machine is MOVING and GROOVING!

Our album comes out on 3/11/14! …

02x05x14 - Debut Digital Release!

Aloha patriots and buccaneers!

We are pleased to announce our debut album A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance will become available on 03.11.14!  This coincides quite nicely with our guest spot on Pratt Radio's The Rodent Hour program!  In the…

12x31x13 - Goodbye 2013, Hello Zr. King!

It's hard to believe this year is already coming to a close...and what a year it was.  

We're planning some special things for 2014, including the release of our debut record (with some exclusive streaming advanced listening opportunities), radio appearances…

11x06x13 - All Over The Radio!

Aloha James Deans & Dame’s Jeans! 

Whoa-hoa! Did you hear us on the radio yesterday!?  Massive shout-out to The Rodent Hour for blasting our new track Lucky #8 on their show last night! Somewhere down the line, we’re shooting to…

10x25x13 - TGIFF and all That

We're happy it's Friday, as we have another weekend of rock'n'roll madness to look forward to, as well as a TWO WEEK countdown to our live rock explosion insane show at Arlene's Grocery.  It's only 10 bones to get…

10x19x13 - The Machine is ROARING!

So, geez - what an exciting month October has been for ZrK!  Griffin had a birthday, officially turned seventeen.  Nice.  The album has been mixed, start to finish, back to the front, and awaits mastering by the famed West West

10x4x13 - Mixing Sessions Complete!

It's official: our debut record has been fully mixed!  11 searing tracks of rock'n'roll goodness, guaranteed to put a swagger in your step.

We're making plans for mastering now, but we promise it'll be worth the wait.  

Hang in there…

8x24x13 – A Special Appearance

Hola frijoles and frijolas!

We've just confirmed a very special appearance at Six Flags Great Adventure to celebrate Labor Day!  Our album is in the final mixing stages, we've been in the studio pretty much non-stop and have taken a…

7x29x13 – We Made a Plan & Started a Fire

 Hot dog, we’ve been so fricken busy, it’s been over a month since our last update! The record is blazing along like a glorious bonfire – we’ll have some samples to share very soon!

Next weekend will mark one…