Don't Call Me On Saturday (single)

Zr. King

The second single from Zr. King's highly anticipated sophomore release Musically & Morally Bankrupt.

Don’t Call Me on Saturday aims to be the undisputed summer party anthem of 2019. It's got everything needed for a rad time, including Walken-approved cowbell, some backwards snare drum, and a sweet Hammond organ section before a searing guitar solo. Imagine the greatest party ever: fireworks, high heels, secret entranceways, overflowing drinks, kittens, zero cell phone signal. Now think of it at a groovetastic ass-shaking tempo, with Godzilla playing bass. If you show up, bring tacos.

The B-Side is a cover of a ZrK favorite: Put Out by Boston strong rock group Baby Strange (not that UK deal). Dig 'em & smile!

Released 12 April 2019 - Made in America - All rights reserved

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