Officially established in 2012 in downtown New York City, Zr. King is an explosive sonic collision of raucous swagger, anthemic hooks, and a relentless live show. 

    Brandon, Griffin and D-Pain rose from the ashes of noted NYC rock act Social Hero.  Matt was the lynchpin in one of NJ’s finest, The Minor Lift. In 2016, his eminence D-Pain gracefully exited and left some huge shoes to fill: the only man for the job was renowned NY drummer (and old friend) Medley Shabazz. The band channels a diverse mix of their classic progenitors (Led Zeppelin, The Who), beloved mid-nineties mammoths (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden) and contemporary rock monsters (Muse, Queens of the Stone Age).

    With the newly completed followup to their 2014 debut, the band is primed for a May release and to get back onstage to sing songs of brotherly love and broken hearts. 

    All while juggling chainsaws and hand grenades. Lock & load.

Live at Arlene's Grocery