7x29x13 – We Made a Plan & Started a Fire

 Hot dog, we’ve been so fricken busy, it’s been over a month since our last update! The record is blazing along like a glorious bonfire – we’ll have some samples to share very soon!

Next weekend will mark one of the last tracking sessions to finish up some vocals (that we just wrote!) for our last two songs: City of Industry and Fox Island Archipelago.

You know what’s going to happen when you put this CD in your car stereo? Your car is going to explode! Not really, because that would suck, and you’d die, but you’ll feel that way, and all the people on the strip at the beach will be all like,

“Hey! Check out that dude/lady in that car! It’s fixin’ to explode! The music sounds so epic!”

And who doesn’t want that to be what they do in the last month of this tremendless summer?

We’ll start over again, by the light of this pyre.
Bring peace to our world by tearing it down.

Lock and load, GI Jose.