5x22x13 - Shirts have ARRIVED!

Frick yeah Gary and Joel, our t-shirts are officially here!

Each and every purchase will help support our first record and our efforts to get the ZrK machine firing on all cylinders.  This is truly a limited edition… we only ordered a hundred because we’re broke musicians.

Shirts are just $10 bones if you’re local and buy one from one of us… hell, reach out and we’ll probably hand deliver it to you, and maybe surprise you with some stickers, guitar picks, or a story of hubris and bravado.

If you need one shipped to ya – no problemo.  It’s just a few bucks more for the shipping, and it all supports the cause, so THANK YOU.

Head on over to the merch section to pick up yours today and we’ll gladly get it in the mail to ya!

The ‘rents are away – we’re UNSUPERVISED!!!

And loving every minute of it.