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I've been trying to define what I’m to do
Accepting the end and all I will lose
And now the mirror stares
And I don't like what I see
This just can't be me

This hatred calls me deeper
This slope is getting steeper
So many treasons we have sown
So many seasons past through
So many reasons not to
But I believe in the unknown

The time for us has come and gone
We cannot retrace our steps to where we went wrong
A fire once burned so bright
In an almost forgotten place
Cold ash, all that remains -- as always

All these years you've stolen from me
All these fears you've buried in me
All these versions of the story
All these omens staring at me
These wounds are healing slowly
As this noose slips loosely from me
This was all I got
No it's not
I take it back

Paralyzed by indecision
The architect of your own prison
You shake your finger at the looking glass
You closed the lock, you hold the key
But there are no more chains for me
You're the only one left in this city of industry

I broke your lock so keep your key
Your prison cannot silence me
It’s up to you to be set free

Set it down
Let it be