1. Siren
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Calling me from farthest seas
I travel on
Lost in the sound of your enchantment
Sailing fast to my death
Closer and closer cliffs of such strange beauty

Dreams of you float in the air
I breathe them in
Lost in a trance of
Your enticement
Crashing into your shores
Closer and closer to the sirens' dwelling

Scaling rocks and deadly drops
I carry on
Fear washed away by
Your sweet cadence
Leaving my ship behind
Closer and closer I can see you sing

Sing your song
Siren I will sing along
Your voice alone can destroy all I've known (as you)
Sing your song
Siren forces so strong
Haunting and strange
the harmonies you arrange

Over shores of rushing scores
And sweeping waves
Lost in the sound of incantations
Leading me to your side
Closer and closer
females fair and fatal

Take my hand escape the land
We run away
Far from the lost and lethal ladies
Together we sail away
Closer and closer
to the star's horizon

Sing your song
Siren I will sing along
Sister's betrayed
no sirens were saved (as we)
Sing tonight
Sailor, siren unite
Leaving behind
The death and wreckage we find